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The Vatican Blackout Explained

The Vatican Blackout and Tech Lockouts might be connected. Follow us for breaking information and opinions on the blackouts and the vatican.



updated Jan 10 0915 est.

Many are speculating that the Vatican blackout is just the beginning. If one where to belive 10% of the information coming out of intel communities and people “close” to the president and other high ranking officials citizens of the world need to strap in.

There are also rumors circulating about the Pope having been arrested. These rumors have not been confirmed. What has been confirmed is power outages and road closures late into the night of Jan 9th. You can see the live feed right now of the Vatican and all looks normal. It is currently raining (Jan 10th, 0951est) with very little pedestrian movement.

The video below is a short clip from a video produced by Richard Steele. This 1 minute cut talks about the blackouts and the Vatican. Nothing below is confirmed or presented as fact. It is just an opinion by Steele and his associates. This being said, it seems as if timing is very strange indeed.

The video below is a screenshot of Apple maps in Vatican City as of 1929, Vatican City Italy outlining road closures in and around the city.

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road closures in Italy Jan 9th

The tweet from Brian Anderson below is another intel drop from a source “close” to the president and members of various intel communities. It has not been verified as fact but again makes for interesting timing with the Tech lockouts and physical blackouts around the world.

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