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Project Groomer NC: We Are



Learn About We Are. The Radical nonprofit grooming your children.

Screenshot taken from the We Are homepage

we are, which stands for working to extend anti-racist education, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides anti-racism training for children, families, and educators. We use a three-pronged approach to dismantle systemic racism in education by offering summer camps for children in rising 1st-5th grade, professional development for educators, and workshops for parents & families.

we are advocates for lasting changes to disrupt structural racism. we are reimagines educational systems so that all children, particularly Black and Brown, can exist in spaces that affirm their identity and dignity, promote their educational advancement, and support their social and emotional well-being.

FOSTER healthy racial identities in both children and adults
BUILD a historical understanding of racial constructs
PROMOTE civic engagement and co-conspiratorship with people of color on issues of racial justice
DEVELOP strategies, techniques, and curriculum which extend anti-racist practices
EQUIP families with tools and resources which extend anti-racist practices in the home and community
CONDUCT research on the effectiveness of anti-racist education training
USE research to inform local, state, and national policy regarding anti-racist education

“The purpose of this event is to give K-12 educators and pre-service teachers an opportunity to engage in sessions centered on the impact of systemic racism and ways of dismantling it in our schools. A CRT framework helps us achieve this goal. While educators are the target audience, we welcome all community members to participate.”

Dear White Parents is a video from We Are. It is 11 minutes long.

The Federalist Press questions and challenges to We Are.

If CRT doesn’t exist in schools then why does it exist in schools?
This is the famous money ball line calling out the bullshit narrative that the left likes to push saying that CRT, SEI, CSE, and every other type of indoctrination is not being taught in our classrooms in North Carolina. The entire organization of We Are is dedicated to teaching educators how to use CRT to dismantle system racism within the classroom. They then go even further to push CRT and many other agendas onto “rising” kindergarteners through grade 12.

We Are promotes victimhood within children and creates a racist dynamic of oppressor and oppressed.
This organization uses the marxism ideas of CRT to foster victimhood within children of color while pushing the narrative that whites are the root of all racism and the problem.

We Are is being funded and paid for by woke corporations and the university systems within North Carolina.
The university of Chapel Hill is the major backer of this program and they have corporate sponsorships from Starbucks, Ben and Jerrys, the united way, and many other woke institutions.

We are in the news: ‘I’m an activist, Mommy’: Durham anti-racist summer camp educates children on racial identities

This is exactly the type of indoctrination the left says doesn’t exist and there is nothing to worry about. Well, the money ball rule applies and it is happening. We are is coming to a school district near you and they are funded by the universities and woke corporations.

The question is: What are you going to do about We are grooming your children in NC?

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