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The North Carolina 1898 coup and the lies of the left



Wilmington NC is home to the only successful coup of the government on American soil. The left has hijacked this event to push a liberal woke agenda saying the racism was perpetrated by Republicans and systemic whites who need to be cleaned out and history rewritten today to match the narrative of the “Great Flip” and the Democratic Party is the party that fights for minorities and aren’t racist. The democratic party of 2022 is the same party it was in 1898. The only thing that has changed is the size of the lies.

The truth is the Democrats in NC and the Klu Klux Klan planned and carried out the murder of hundreds of prominent blacks in North Carolina.

Don’t take our word for it. Read about yourself from the official North Carolina race riot commission report.

We at the Federalist Press find it very interesting that know Marxists and Marxist sympathizers * were on the commission that created this government report.

Members of the Commission

Senator Julia Boseman*
Representative Thomas E. Wright
Prof. Irving Joyner
Mr. Alfred Thomas
Ms. Helyn R. LoftonMr. Kenneth Davis
Ms. Lottie ClintonMr. Leo Shepard
Ms. Ruth HaasMr. Chuck Stone
Dr. John H. HaleyMs. Kever Clark
Mr. Harper Peterson* 
Democratic Party of 1898 planned the coup

One of the more interesting facts within the research is that a prominent Democrat of the time, A.M. Waddell, who now has an elected relative within the city council, Luke Waddell; provoked the massacre by saying in the paper, “negro office-holding at once, and forever to be brought to an end, and when it is brought to an end there will also be an end to office-holding of their white allies, and decent government will be restored.

Conservatives need to become master historians if we are going to combat the lies of the left and ensure the truth about the Democratic party is exposed and put on front street to help move people out of the party of racism and into the light. conservatives might not be able to solve all your problems, but we aren’t the root of them, unlike the left.

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