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The Deborah Greenblatt Act: Seclusion rooms and the control of your children

How many parents and citizens in North Carolina are aware of the fact that within our state educators can put your children into solitary confinement at school?



How many parents and citizens in North Carolina are aware of the fact that within our state educators can put your children into solitary confinement at school?

In a public records check via the Civil Rights Data Collection website North Carolina has at least two counties that are using seclusion rooms for children. The seclusion data is embedded under “corporal punishment”. As we searched for data on this issue a couple of red flags presented themselves. First, the CRDC site data only goes up to 2017. That means that 5 years’ worth of data is not being presented. Why is it that a governmental website has stopped reporting for the last 5 years? Second, we could only find 2 counties reporting any data on most corporal punishment instances and specifically seclusion rooms.

Those 2 counties are New Hanover County and Durham County. This is a very interesting correlation. We believe the utilization of seclusion rooms by only these two counties within North Carolina are the causational efforts of a Marxist organization that is infiltrating local elections and specifically school board races. This organization is the Carolina Federation. They have many sub-organizations including New Hanover for All, Durham for All, and the North Carolina Association of Educators.

Many members of both the Durham board of education and the New Hanover board of education have members that have been endorsed by these organizations.

The Cape Fear Becon has posted a very lengthy article on seclusion rooms within New Hanover County.

“According to Port City Daily, there are 25 schools in New Hanover County employing seclusion rooms, with plans to also integrate them within future schools — including the anticipated RiverLights community. ”

Cape fear becon
In January, Assistant Superintendent Julie Varnam provided Bethanie Simms, of WHQR, a tour of Forest Hills Elementary’s seclusion system. The photo above shows Ms. Varnam presenting the schools seclusion room.

Let’s look at some data from the CRDC.

What is the Greenblatt Act?

This PowerPoint presentation was created for teachers and educators to help explain the act and utilization by North Carolina Department of Public Instruction employee, Joe Simmons.

This PowerPoint is based on the actual bill 1032.

This bill was written by a disability rights “champion”, but the irony is that it is being used on disabled children.

Tucked within the bill is the 504 section outlining a carveout for students with disabilities who can be exempted from the use of seclusion rooms. You can read about the 504 status here. But, as far back as we can see data, which is 2017, dozens of disabled students are being secluded.

The image above is a video still from a student seclusion gone wrong at an Illinois school.

A disturbing video of a teacher aid enforcing seclusion time below.

U.S. Dept of Ed finding that seclusion rooms are deadly

“As many reports have documented, the use of restraint and seclusion can have very serious
consequences, including, most tragically, death. Furthermore, there continues to be no evidence that using restraint or seclusion is effective in reducing the occurrence of the problem behaviors that frequently precipitate the use of such techniques…”

US Dept of ed 2012 document on seclusion rooms

How do we fight back?

First, you need to become politically active. Conservatives need to run for office and start winning positions on the local school board of education. The bill allows for local school boards to override the state bill and remove the utilization of seclusion rooms for children. Organizations like Carolina Federation are extremely well funded and organized. They have over $300,000 in funding just for this year (2022).

Second, you need to share this article with everyone you know. Many parents are not aware that the school their kid attends might have a seclusion room and that their child might have already been put in them.


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