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Pride Month or something more nefarious?

Let’s look at how the LGTBQ+ movement is affecting the lives of children in our schools.



It shouldn’t be a shock to anyone that pride month is here. Gov. Cooper on May 31st signed a proclamation about June being pride month. 4% of North Carolina identifies as LGBTQ and the Gov. proclaims an entire month for them. 10% of North Carolina’s population are veterans but we don’t see any proclamations for entire months for them do we? Why is it that 4% of a population has to be lifted above everyone else in order to show how diverse and inclusive a state is?

What is below the surface of this movement though? Why has 4% of our population been able to influence the other 96% into bending the knee and moving the needle into very dangerous territory? Let’s look at how the LGTBQ+ movement is affecting the lives of children in our schools.

An image from a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools of North Carolina training presentation for faculty

The books listed above are just some of the publications that Drag Queen story hour or any other variation of LGBTQ childrens story time include. These publications are progressive in nature and speak to how children can choice thier own identities, genders, pronouns and sex. These books are also some of the books that children can check out in public libraries in schools accross the state. Some of these books even contain pornographic imagry of children. The Pavement Education Program has done a great job of indexing books in North Carolina public education systems and libaries that are targeted at children and contain graphic information and pictures.

In some schools they are now forcing children to partake in CSE or comprehensive Sexuality Education. The Stop CSE website is the best resource on the web right now to learn exactly how CSE is harming our children with ciriculum being taught in our schools right now. This all ties in with the LGBTQ movement and push to sexualize our children.

IT’S ALL ONE CURRICULUM V1 is an educational workbook being used in classrooms across our nation that are hyper-sexualizing our children.

Pride month is an opportunity for the radical left and the marxist agenda to challenge the nuclear family, conservative values, longstanding morals and tradition. Under the guise of LGBTQ rights and “family friendly” drag story hours, books, and cirriculum your children are being swayed by a fraction of our states “identity”. If you have children in schools within North Carolina you need to be constantly monitoring thier courses, teachers, school boards and superintendents. CSE, EDI, and many other programs are a direct threat the health and wellfare of our children within North Carolina.

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