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The beginner’s guide to protecting our children: North Carolina Edition

Many of the sexually charged entertainers performing in the presence of children are in direct violation of multiple general statutes within North Carolina Law.



The purpose of this article is to help parents, concerned citizens, and conservatives fight back against the lewd and perverted attack on our children.

At the time of this publication, North Carolina is in full-blown “Pride” mode. June has been turned into a national and corporate holiday to celebrate individuals (less than 5% of the state) who are suffering from mental illness and lack of alignment with the rules and laws of our creator.

Every corporation changes its logo to the “rainbow” so it can show how woke they are and how willing they are to align with political pressure and progressive they are as a company.

In addition to our corporations, governmental organizations within North Carolina have also decided to promote the assault on our nuclear family and the further degradation of our society for the 5%.

Snapshot of the Apex City Government Website

It’s hard to believe that our government has morally degraded to the point where it is actively promoting activities that put our children in danger and break the law. Let’s walk the dog on how this statement is true.

List of events at the pride event being hosted by the city of Apex on Sat. June 11

Apex, like many other cities within North Carolina, has invited performers to celebrate LGBTQ+. These performers include the House of Coxx and drag performers as well as the Triangle Gay Man Chorus and other performers.

We couldn’t embed the feed because Instagram won’t allow anyone under 14 to view the material from the House of Coxx.

Instagram asking for your age before being allowed to view the House of Coxx Instagram feed

Why is it that one of the most liberal-leaning and strongest supporters of the LGBTQ+ community requires an age restriction on the House of Coxx social media page? What are they “trying to protect younger people in their community” from?

Let’s take a look at some photos from Drag shows across the country.


Here are examples of what the Drag Show subjects children to.

A screenshot from Bella Blue Entertainment showing a minor “tipping” a drag queen

All of these drag shows have common themes. 1. Sexually obscene dress and behavior. Both of which would require one to be 18 and within the walls of a licensed strip club or burlesque parlor. 2. The involvement of minors. In fact, minors are the main target of the Drag show or drag queen story hours. 3. Every single event is breaking North Carolina laws.

Screenshot of N.C.G.S 14-190.16

The North Carolina General Statute is very specific in what behavior and activities fall under Article 14 chapter 26: Offenses against Public Morality and Decency.

Many of the sexually charged entertainers performing in the presence of children are in direct violation of multiple general statutes within North Carolina Law. There is a very big legal difference between first amendment rights of expression and the laws being broken by the direct targeting of minors with sexual performances and grooming. We have taken the liberty of highlighting the main statutes being broken by public drag shows and story hours.

Every parent, concerned citizen, and conservative within North Carolina needs to read these statutes, print them out, and present them to your board of education, city councils, and county commissioners along with presenting them during public hearing sessions to call out the evil that is being spread via corporations and governments within North Carolina.

This is the first step to protecting our children in North Carolina and you must do your part to fight back.

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