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Disney goes woke….and going broke

Keep the pressure up on Disney.



Streaming losses and a recent stock drop have pushed Disney to layoff employees and look for other ways to reduce labor costs. In response to these financial difficulties, Bob Chapek, the current CEO of Disney, has announced that the company will be making reductions in their workforce. Chapek attributes the company’s struggles to “macroeconomic factors” beyond their control.

However, many right-wing consumers believe that there is another factor contributing to Disney’s woes: their turn towards wokeness. They argue that by becoming more progressive and inclusive, Disney is alienating its target demographic of families with young children. Additionally, they point to other companies who have experienced similar backlash from right-wing consumers after making offensive or woke statements.

So what can right-wingers do to combat these corporations? One tool at their disposal is boycotting. When done correctly, boycotts can be an effective way to force companies to change their offending practices. Boycotts offer several benefits and advantages for right-wing consumers, such as raising awareness about the issue, putting pressure on the company financially, and sending a message that the consumer base will not tolerate certain behavior. There are many successful examples of boycotts led by the right, such as when gamers successfully forced EA Sports to remove Microtransactions from Star Wars Battlefront II.

In order for a boycott to be successful, it is important for right-wing consumers to maintain momentum and keep up the pressure on the offending company. Social media platforms can be leveraged to effectively spread awareness about the boycott and encourage others to take part. Despite counterarguments against boycotting, strategic action by right-wing consumers can create significant change in a company’s practices.

Right-wingers have significant power as consumers. By utilizing boycotts in a strategic manner, they can create change in corporations and make their voices heard loud and clear. Keep the pressure up on Disney.

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