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The Republican Party eats its own: Ronna gets the boot

The real questions are why now? And, who are they going to replace her with?



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The Republican party has been divided for some time, but now a new rift has opened up between the GOP and some of its most senior figures. Several key Republicans have recently retracted their support for current Republican National Committee (RNC) Chair Ronna McDaniel ahead of an upcoming vote that could see her replaced. Let’s break down this recent development in the Republican party and what it might mean going forward.

Who is Ronna McDaniel?

Ronna Romney McDaniel is the granddaughter of George W. Romney, who was governor of Michigan from 1963 to 1969. She currently serves as chairwoman of the RNC and was chosen to lead the party by President Trump in 2017. McDaniel was reelected as RNC chair in January 2021, but has faced criticism according to reports claiming that she has failed to provide adequate financial support for Republican candidates in state races, among other things.

What are Key Republicans Saying?

In April 2021, several high-ranking members of the GOP publicly announced their opposition to McDaniel’s reelection bid for RNC chair, including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (KY), former Ambassador Nikki Haley, Senator Lindsey Graham (SC), and Senator Rick Scott (FL). They are all calling on the RNC to overhaul its leadership structure in order to bring more effective change within the party.

What Could This Mean Going Forward?

At this point, it’s unclear how much impact these developments will have on the future direction of the GOP or if they will affect President Trump’s relationship with his own party moving forward. However, there is no denying that this newfound divide between high-ranking Republicans and their current chairman could signal a shift in power structures within one of America’s two major political parties. It remains to be seen what will happen at next month’s vote—and who might replace McDaniel should she not be reappointed—but one thing is certain: tensions within the Republican Party are running high right now.


The divisions between many senior members of the Republican Party and their current leader have been laid bare over recent months; now we must wait and see what happens when it comes time to cast ballots next month. No matter which way you look at it though, this situation marks one of significant internal turmoil within one of America’s two major political parties—a split that could potentially result in a power shift that would dramatically alter American politics as we know it today. The real questions are why now? And, who are they going to replace her with?

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