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North Carolina Supreme Court Rejects Conservative Measures

This case needs to get reset after the new conservatives take the bench in 2023.



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The North Carolina Supreme Court has recently struck down a voter ID law, as well as upheld the new electoral map drawn by the state legislature. This is a major setback for conservatives in the state, who have been pushing both measures for years. Let’s break down why and how this happened, and what it means for the future of voting rights in North Carolina.

Voter ID Law

The court struck down the voter ID law that had been passed by the state legislature in 2018. This law would have required citizens to present a valid form of identification when they showed up to vote at their polling places, such as a driver’s license or passport. Supporters of this bill argued that it was necessary to prevent voter fraud, while critics argued that it was an unnecessary barrier to voting and would disproportionately affect minority voters who may not have access to valid forms of identification, which is complete BS and racist. Ultimately, the court ruled against the bill on the grounds that it violated protections outlined in the state’s constitution.

New Electoral Map

The court also upheld a new electoral map drawn by the state legislature earlier this year. This map redrew district lines so that there were more districts favoring Republican candidates than before, which supporters argued was necessary to ensure fair representation for conservative voters. Critics argued that this was an example of partisan gerrymandering and would lead to the underrepresentation of minority and progressive voters across the state. Despite these arguments, the court ruled in favor of keeping the new map on the grounds that it did not violate any laws or constitutional provisions.

Making moves towards Fraud

This decision by the NC supreme court allows for the doors of fraud to continue as well as legitimizes the racist ideology that blacks in North Carolina can’t get IDs. This case needs to get reset after the new conservatives take the bench in 2023.

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