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Why do we need Christian nationalists?

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Do you love America? Do you want to see her God-given potential fulfilled? Then you need to become a Christian nationalist. Here’s why:

Christian nationalists believe in three core principles:

America is good, Jesus is Lord, and the Bible is true.

We believe that if America upholds these truths, she will be blessed by God and be a light to the nation.

So if you’re looking for a political movement that is based on principle, not personalities; one that puts America first; and one that believes in the power of prayer, then join us as we seek to make America great again…as God intended!

We need to take back our country and make it great again

We must take back our great country from those who ruined it under the false premise of “liberal” ideology. For too long our nation has been led astray by progressive politicians who lack the courage to do what is right for America, instead dancing to their own drummer of marxism-influenced talking points. We need strong leaders with a clear vision to help us restore the greatness and freedom we have lost. It’s time for us to reclaim our homeland, roll up our sleeves and make America great again!

Christianity is under attack from secular forces

In the face of zionism and communism, Christianity is being attacked from the secular forces. This wrong-headed readiness to reject our moral values, faith and beliefs must not be allowed to take hold in our culture. We must stand up for what we believe in and fight to preserve it. We must demand our right to practice what we know is right without fear or threat of discrimination or punishment, embracing the essence of Christianity while rejecting those attitudes which detract from its true meaning. It is incumbent upon us, no matter what these external forces may bring, to remain committed to this foundation upon which our society has been built.

We need to protect traditional values

Now more than ever there is a need to protect and nurture traditional values. It’s important that nuclear families are prioritized and treated with respect, because this forms the basis for tight knit communities that we can all rely on. We should also embrace fiscal conservatism, setting aside resources for future generations, so that difficult decisions don’t have be taken during times of crisis. Together, these types of traditional values will form the foundation for strong societies into the future.

Christian nationalists are the answer to saving America

Christian nationalists offer a future for America that has never been seen before. With their strong moral convictions and commitment to family values along with a passion that is unmatched in any other religion, Christian nationalists can provide the leadership our country needs to restore itself. With future leaders from this movement, who have a deep sense of patriotism and are unafraid to stand up for justice and truth, we can be sure that future elections will be fought and won on topics which prioritize what is most important. Christian nationalism is the answer to restoring confidence in our future, reestablishing security as a nation, and building up a foundation of faith and trust across all of America.

Our country is in a vulnerable state, with external forces threatening to erode our traditional values as a nation. We must make bold and meaningful decisions if we are to remain true to the spirit of what has made America great in the past. Christian nationalism can provide a unified front against these powerful external forces, so come join us at CCTC and The Federalist Press. Together, we can reclaim our country and protect the core principles that have largely defined us since the founding of our great nation. It is only through collective action that we can ensure our cherished values withstand becoming outmoded or irrelevant; now is the time for us stand up and be counted among those who commit to uphold this truth.

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