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The Leviathan Spirit over New Hanover County



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What is the Leviathan Spirit? Why is it the principality over Wilmington, NC? What can be done about it?

What is the Leviathan Spirit

If you’ve been active in the Christian faith for any length of time, you’ve probably heard of the Leviathan spirit. This spirit is said to be a master deceiver and tormentor, bent on destroying anything and anyone that gets in its way. But what exactly is the Leviathan spirit? Where does it come from, and what does it want? In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the Leviathan spirit, and try to understand why it’s such a powerful force in the spiritual realm.

The Leviathan Spirit is a demonic spirit that seeks to destroy anything and everything in its path.

The Leviathan Spirit is an incredibly powerful, destructive force. It seeks to Lie, Steal, and Kill in order to bring about its ultimate goal: destruction. Leviathan can wreak havoc on everything from individuals to large-scale organizations and operations, with devastating consequences. Taking the form of anything from a mortal enemy to an invisible adversary, this ancient spirit poses a real threat that should be taken seriously and fought courageously with strength in faith.

This spirit is known for its ability to cause chaos and destruction, and it often takes on the form of a large serpent or dragon.

This particular spirit has frightful power and is known in the Christian tradition for chaotic and destructive behavior. It is often depicted as a large serpent or dragon, which gives credence to its strength and unexpected nature. In Christian mythology, this spirit is said to unleash chaos upon civilizations, threatening traditional structures with their unpredictable nature. Proverbs suggest that this creature can be tamed only by those who know how to “control their spirit” – suggesting an immense difficulty in doing so given its dominion of power.

Whoever is slow to anger is better than the mighty, and he who rules his spirit than he who takes a city.

Proverbs 16:32 ESV

This spirit can also manifest itself in human beings, causing them to act out in destructive ways.

The Leviathan can twist words, causing people to hear the wrong message and act destructively in response. This spirit often takes the form of believing that ‘my way is the only way’ or ‘everyone else is wrong and I’m right’. By following this lie and not operating correctly in the body of Christ, human beings can become blind to potential solutions until it is too late and they have caused permanent damage. To avoid this destructive spirit, we must remain open to alternate perspectives and be willing to examine our own personal actions as Christians.

Why has the Leviathan claimed Wilmington as its home?

This question is very difficult to answer. When you research the history of just the naming convention it is due to the “fear” of getting stuck on the shoals of the Cape Fear River. But, we believe that there is a much deeper and darker reason that the Leviathan Spirit has made its home in the Cape Fear River. Wilmington is one of Americas oldest cities. A city on the water. A city with a very dark history and a city build upon the religion of Masons and a city of extreme pride. Pride is what allowed the Leviathan to plant roots and access to influence Christians and the body of Christ in New Hanover and Brunswick County.

If you believe you are under the principality of the Leviathan here are some steps you can do to break free.

Repentance is necessary if you believe yourself to be under the principality of the Leviathan. Repentance means more than just asking for forgiveness – it also requires repairing any broken relationships in your life, whether with family members, community members, or with God. In addition, full communication between yourself and God will enable a greater opportunity to move forward and break free of spiritual oppression. Mend fences that have been broken due to sin, offer heartfelt repentance and reconciliation on your end and make sure you are communicating any other needs or concerns fully with others. All of these steps put together may help lead toward freedom from the oppressive rule of the Leviathan.

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Many Christians unknowingly serve Leviathan as king through the sin of pride. It is time to leave Leviathan’s kingdom and rededicate our lives to the Lord Jesus Christ and His kingdom.After you have read this book you will know how to defeat Leviathan as an individual and as a church.

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