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North Brunswick Republican Club leads the charge against established norms by opening up to Conservative Independents

“North Brunswick Republican Club: A Coalition of Republican and Unaffiliated Conservatives in Brunswick County.”



Bill Hall
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Several months ago, the popular North Brunswick Republic Club (headquartered in Leland) was approached by numerous unaffiliated voters who wanted to attend our meetings so they could meet candidates and get up to speed on election issues.  Many of these voters continued to attend our meetings after the election even though they could not become voting members. 

We learned that most of the unaffiliated voters who attended our meetings were conservative in nature.  Club members began discussing our options to incorporate these unaffiliated voters who share our conservative values into our club.  Our previous constitution required members to be registered as Republicans.  In reviewing our status with the North Carolina Board of Elections, the Executive Board of the North Brunswick Republican Club found that we are a “non-federated organization”.  This meant we had the autonomy to amend our own constitution after approval by our membership.  Our reasoning was that if we could form a coalition of like-minded Republicans and unaffiliated voters who shared our conservative values we could grow our club and our influence. In other words, we wanted to spread our conservative values throughout the entire county with more voters and to encourage and influence conservative candidates and elected officials. To this end, we amended our constitution: 1) to include all precincts in Brunswick County. 2) to allow these unaffiliated conservative voters to join us with the approval of our membership. In order to join us, applicants must sign a pledge on the application for membership indicating that they share our conservative* values and mission.  We are not currently aware of any other organization that seeks to reach out to unaffiliated voters and allow them membership. The name of our organization is the “North Brunswick Republican Club: A Coalition of Republican and Unaffiliated Conservatives in Brunswick County.”

  *Definition– “Conservative” in this document shall mean: 1) “Those who believe in liberty through limited government; 2) Those who hold that we are a Constitutional Republic through the rule of law and not a democracy (majority rules); of the people, by the people, and for the people; 3) Those who reject the globalist and woke policies that run counter to the America First movement; and 4) Those who whole-heartily believe in the sanctity of human life – from the womb to the grave.”:

Member testimonials

“Our conservative values and beliefs were formed during the Reagan administration, and we have remained conservative to the core. We became disenfranchised with the Republican Party over the years, and felt their actions and expressed agenda didn’t seem to align with our values.  Then the day after the 2020 election, we received an email from a prominent Republican senator asking us to send him money to “help defeat the democrats’ socialist agenda”!  We were disgusted and felt the mainstream Republicans didn’t do enough to support crushing the socialist agenda!  That day we decided to leave the Republican Party, and changed our voter registrations to unaffiliated.  When we met the members of the North Brunswick County Republican Club, we were excited to meet a group of people who truly demonstrated our conservative Christian values. We are excited to now be able to join, and participate, in this dynamic conservative club!”

Trudy and Bob DiMattia, Unaffiliated voters

”I have been a Republican my entire life. That being said I have noticed people leave the party with justification because their input was ignored and/or the elected representatives did not hold their values as promised. I have stayed active to try to encourage those who have lost confidence in our party and to drive to have conservative groups make their voices heard to their representatives. But typically, their efforts appear to fall on deaf ears. Some of this is due to the Republican Party itself. Nothing illustrates this better than the despicable display shown by a few members from the Brunswick County Republican Party during the debate to pass our club’s new constitution allowing unaffiliated voters as members.  This small group attacked our club wanting us to do as they direct or they will fight us!  This display showed how bad things had gotten. Most of us thought this wasn’t the way to show partnership with fellow Republicans. I feel it was smart to change our constitution to allow those like minded unaffiliated voters to join us. It may be a small step now but without those restrictions imagine what is possible?  I feel we can now make real impact in our county and state. We can be an example for others to follow to more effectively influence our representatives to follow through on their campaign promises. It starts here with us and those who join us.”  

Larry Mulhollen, Republican voter

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North Brunswick Republican Club

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