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North Carolina

Republicans could flip 2 Wake Co. Commissioner seats under proposed legislation

HB99 would eliminate at-large elections for Wake County Commissioners



By: Stephen Horn
First published on This week in the Triangle

State Rep. Erin Paré (R-Wake) has proposed a bill which would change how elections for the Board of Commissioners take place in Wake County. Although the county is currently split into seven districts for residential requirements for the commissioners, every candidate is elected “at-large” by the whole county electorate. HB99 would change that, and require each commissioner to be elected by the citizens of the district they reside in, as well as by making the elections non-partisan. Paré described her arguments in favor of the bill in an interview with me last month.

HB99 has passed it’s first hurdle last week when the bill passed it’s first committee vote. Since this bill applies to less than 15 counties, it’s exempt from the governor’s veto under Article II, Section 22 (6) of the North Carolina Constitution.

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