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Why you need to be an abolitionist regarding abortions

Abortion is an act of violence against the unborn, and something that should not be taken lightly.



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Abortion is the moral issue of our time, and it demands an urgent response from everyone who takes their faith seriously. As we grapple with this controversial topic, there are two opposing views: those in favor of preserving abortion rights, and those advocating for the total abolition of all abortions. What often gets overlooked in this discussion – yet should be at its core – is the premise that life begins at conception and that unborn babies are just as deserving of protection as newborns or adults. Being pro-life isn’t simply a matter of personal opinion; rather, it requires consideration on how best to put protections into place so that each life has value – no matter where it’s found on society’s social ladder. With this understanding firmly rooted within us, let’s take a look now at why being an abolitionist regarding abortions is key in standing up for justice for all human life.

The truth that needs to be acknowledged – abortion is an act of violence against the unborn

Abortion is murder – plain and simple. Despite any claims to the contrary, it is not a moral right but an act of violence directed against the unborn child. The harsh reality is that abortion involves taking the life of a defenseless human life within the sanctity of its mother’s womb. This truth needs to be acknowledged and argued against; denying the murder of millions of unborn babies is a form of denial and people should seek alternatives such as adoption or fostering instead.

An overview of the legal and cultural context – how abortion laws have changed since 1973

Since the landmark Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade in 1973, many abortion laws have changed dramatically across the United States. From state to state, there are stark differences in what is legally available for women seeking abortions and how much legal support they have until the moment of choice. On a cultural level, the national conversation around abortion has become more contentious than ever, as progress is being halted or even reversed by recent legislative changes at both federal and state levels that are restricting access to safe and legal abortions. With these controversial issues to consider, it is clear that understanding the law surrounding abortion is essential for those choosing to voice their opinion on this fraught subject.

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How women’s rights movements seek to normalize abortions

Despite the fallacy of the woman’s rights movement to normalize abortions, this does not change the fact that taking away an unborn child’s life is wrong. Abortions take away a human being from having an opportunity at life, regardless of gender or any other identifying factor. It is ethically wrong and should not be accepted as part of a woman’s rights as it ignores the importance of every single life while placing a high priority on the rights of one party. Women have the right to make informed choices, but can also be taught that sacrificing a potential human being for one’s convenience is immoral and unethical behavior.

Arguments for why it should still remain illegal, and why the current laws are justifiable

Protecting the unborn is of utmost importance, and it should remain illegal to drastically end the life of an unborn child. It goes against God’s law which is what much of our moral foundation is based upon. Our current laws prosecuting those who perform abortions are justifiable as they are ensuring that we continue to protect the unborn. This helps us maintain a society rooted in morality where taking a human life shouldn’t be taken lightly and is generally seen as wrong.

Women’s bodies are not a battleground – ways to empower mothers without forcing them into a decision

Adoption, post-birth care support, and birth centers offer viable options for mothers who may feel pressure to pursue abortion. Adoption can provide new families with a child they may otherwise not be able to conceive, while post-birth care support such as counseling and mothering courses empower parents to make the best decision for them and their child. Birth centers provide an environment that is both natural and supported to alleviate stress and fear in the delivery process while building confidence in a woman’s capabilities. Women are powerful individuals capable of creating life; it’s time we shift the narrative away from viewing women’s bodies as a battleground and focus on providing resources so that hopefully every woman feels empowered in her own abilities to make the best decision for her circumstances.

What can we do to make a difference – advocating for change in government policies, raising awareness, and providing resources for pregnant women

When it comes to making a difference in the fight against abortion, getting involved is essential. By advocating for change in government policies, we can start to move towards a world of greater respect and protection of human life. We can also work towards raising awareness and providing resources for pregnant women that make abortion much less necessary. Even something as small as getting out into our communities and spreading the word through conversations is a great stepping stone. Additionally, getting down on our knees in prayer and asking God to transform hearts and minds is one of the most powerful things we can do. So let us join arms and put our faith into action so that this fight will not be fought in vain.

Abortion is an act of violence against the unborn, and something that should not be taken lightly. Throughout history, the changing legal and cultural contexts when it comes to abortion have complicated the issue further. While women’s rights movements and organizations seek to normalize this medical procedure, it remains justifiable that abortion should remain illegal in many contexts. We must stand strong in believing that women’s bodies are not a battleground – they should be empowered, supported, and given resources during these pregnancy decisions. This is why advocating for change in government policies, raising awareness on the issue, and providing adequate resources to pregnant women can help make a difference. To truly conquer this battle we need to acknowledge our wrongness, seek repentance from God through prayer, and spread the word about why abortion remains unjustified even today. A single voice can echo far beyond anyone’s imagined limits – speak up!

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