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BREAKING – Decade-old dirt on Matt Schlapp accuser leaked days after filing lawsuit

NC native Carlton Huffman has come forward as the “John Doe” who accused CPAC Chairman Matt Schlapp of sexually assaulting him while Huffman worked on Herschel Walker’s 2022 Senate campaign



Eight days after Carlton Huffman filed an anoymous lawsuit in VA alleging that he had been sexually assaulted by prominent conservative activist and CPAC chairman Matt Schlapp, an anonymous email was sent to North Carolina media detailing decades-old dirt on Huffman, leading to his resignation. Today, Huffman has publicly identified himself as the accuser for the first time in an article by the Washington Post.

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The Accusation

As first reported in the Daily Beast in early January, Huffman accused Schlapp of unwanted sexual as they drove back from an Atlanta bar on the night of October 19th, 2022. Schlapp was in town to speak at an event for Herschel Walker’s Senate campaign, and Huffman, a campaign staffer, was acting as his driver. Huffman has also posted a video today on the incident:

On January 17th, Huffman filed a “John Doe” civil lawsuit in the Alexandria Circuit Court. The full text of the complaint, includes accusation of sexual battery against Matt Schlapp, as well as allegedly defamatory statements by his wife, Mercedes Schlapp.


The Dirt

WRAL reported that on January 25th, “statehouse reporters received a lengthy, anonymous email” with decade-old statements and appearances linking Huffman to “white supremacist causes”. Huffman resigned from his position as a NC legislative staffer the next day. Although Huffman denied ever embracing “white supremacy or bigotry”, he did repudiate his past associations and statements:

“Those views, they were ugly,” [Huffman] said. “I admit it, and I hate that the world is seeing that, and I’m ashamed of it. But I know in my heart that the person that I am today is not the person that is reflected in that email and those writings.”

Although I stumbled on the connection to the Matt Schlapp allegations while looking into the background of this local story, I refrained from publishing as Huffman had not publicly identified himself as the accuser. Huffman has also filed a federal lawsuit against “fundraiser and activist” Caroline Wren for making contradictory and allegedly defamatory statements against Huffman after the initial Daily Beast story came out. Wren had also published Huffman’s name, when he was still attempting to remain anonymous.

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