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This Week in the Triangle – Weekly Recap

No. 10 — Mar. 11, 2023



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Compromise reached over Wake County Commissioner election reform

This week, State Rep. Erin Paré (R-Wake) announced a bipartisan agreement with the current (Democratic) Wake County Commissioners on her election reform bill. The new compromise version of HB99 will include seven commissioners elected by the current residential districts, and two new commissioner seats elected at-large. The bill will also keep these races partisan, unlike an earlier version. HB99 has passed the NC House and is poised to pass the NC Senate and become law (the bill is exempt from the governor’s veto). My analysis of the GOP’s chance at flipping seats remains largely unchanged:

This Week in the Triangle
Republicans could flip 2 Wake Co. Commissioner seats under proposed legislation
State Rep. Erin Paré (R-Wake) has proposed a bill which would change how elections for the Board of Commissioners take place in Wake County. Although the county is currently split into seven districts for residential requirements for the commissioners, every candidate is elected “at-large” by the whole county electorate. HB99 would change that, and requ…
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Two more Wake County men hit with J6 charges

Christopher Carnell, 20, of Cary and David Worth Bowman, 21, of Raleigh were arrested and charged for allegedly entering the Capitol on January 6th and rifling through papers on the Senate floor. Apparently, Carnell and Bowman were near where Jacob Chansley, the Q-Anon Shaman, was led through the Capitol by police as shown in video released this week by Tucker Carlson. Carnell and Bowman are apparently “groypers”, as the charging documents include photos they took with Nick Fuentes and Baked Alaska. (If none of those words means anything to you, that’s alright).

Carnell and Bowman are both charged with a single felony: obstruction of an official proceeding, as well as four misdemeanors.


Durham CRT promoter honored by VP

Ronda Taylor Bullock, the executive directory of WE-ARE, was recently invited to an event held by Vice President Kamala Harris honoring “Emerging Young Black Leaders”. Bullock’s organization, which stands for “Working to Extend Anti-Racist Education”, takes a fighting-fire-with-fire approach to the topic of racism; the very first tenet on their mission page is to “foster healthy racial identities in both children and adults” with a specific focus on children in 1st-5th grade.

Bullock’s organization was the subject of controversy last year when Millbrook High School got permission from the Wake County School Board to get a grant from WE-ARE for their Critical Race Theory inspired educator training.

GOP operative comes forward as accuser in sexual misconduct claim against CPAC head

NC native and current Raleigh resident Carlton Huffman is suing prominent conservative activist Matt Schlapp over an alleged incident of sexual battery which occurred while Huffman was working on Herschel Walker’s Senate campaign. I first got interested in this story when an anonymous letter was leaked to North Carolina media with statements Huffman made over a decade ago, in an apparent attempt to tarnish his reputation or get him fired. The timing of the lawsuit and that letter is detailed in this article:

This Week in the Triangle
BREAKING – Decade-old dirt on Matt Schlapp accuser leaked days after filing lawsuit
Eight days after Carlton Huffman filed an anoymous lawsuit in VA alleging that he had been sexually assaulted by prominent conservative activist and CPAC chairman Matt Schlapp, an anonymous email was sent to North Carolina media detailing decades-old dirt on Huffman, leading to his resignation. Today, Huffman has publicly identified himself as the accus…
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There’s also been reporting since Huffman publicly identified himself as Schlapp’s accuser on Wednesday that Huffman himself was the subject of a restraining order and sexual assault allegations here in Raleigh in February.

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