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Normalization of Sexual Degeneracy & the Future of America



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Ever since the 1960s in the sexual cultural revolution, we have seen the rise of feminism, homosexuality, transgenderism. Sexual deviancy and debauchery has infected the minds not just of young adults, but also children as well. This leads to a concerning fate; the normalization and potential legalization of pedophilia and other immoral and illegal sexual acts.

History of the Homosexual Movement

The history of the Homosexual “Rights” Movement started as early as 1965, where a protest organized by secular Jewish and Homosexual Dick Leitsch, someone who was inspired by Frank Kameny, to allow the Mafia-ran gay bars to operate in New York City.

The Movement also created a schismatic church leading up to the Stonewall Riots called the “Metropolitan Community Church” which believes in the heretical belief that same sex marriage is congruent with biblical and christian teachings.

After a mob of hostile and violent homosexuals rioted outside the Mafia-ran Stonewall Inn for a police raid, a number of pederastic books like “Boychick” were published, which despite it’s completely obscene content, was regarded as ‘positive’ and an ‘erotic classic’ to many people in the Homosexual rights movement, this along with many other homosexual literature began the public normalization of pedophilia in western culture which has been continuing until today.

Normalization of Pedophilia

Now we have discussed on how the Homosexual rights movement started to take hold, now let’s talk about the massive elephant in the room that people talk about but do not understand the magnitude of it, nor do they understand the level of acceptance people will have for it like people have for transgenderism.

Even people who say that pedophilia is getting normalized will doubt the efficiency of legalization, mostly because they think that pedophilia is the worst sin that would be repulsed by a ‘moral majority’, but we already had this for transgenderism and homosexuality, and there has been no evidence of a ‘moral majority’, especially when the culture of the western world is more of a immoral majority

Also, with advancements in Artificial Intelligence means that in the next few months to a year we could be seeing, God forbid, a rapid push to normalize and force people to accept Pedophilia as a ‘normal’ thing like Homosexuality. Why is this? First of all Artificial Intelligence will be the replacement of a lot of social media, and information and data will be created by Artificial Intelligence as well, which means that fake or false information could possibly be impossible to discern from reality, allowing for not only the framing of innocent people but also people to abuse the system in order to get what they want. Fake ID will be impossible to discern from Real ID when required to be shown as a photograph. Pornography will also possibly be created by Artificial Intelligence, which will bring a very scary environment as anyone, no matter their age, could be a victim of “AI-generated revenge porn”

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