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Mark Robinson

Mark Robinson Expected to Announce Candidacy for North Carolina Governor at Rally in Elon on April 22nd

Lt. Governor Mark Robinson is expected to officially announce his candidacy for Governor of North Carolina April 22nd.



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Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson is expected to run for Governor of North Carolina and will be announcing it at a rally in Elon NC on April 22nd. This will be the official announcement of a long and drawn out unofficial marketing campaign.

Mark Robinson was elevated to a viable candidate for Lt. Governor in the 2020 race after he had a firery 2A speech at the Greensboro city council meeting on April 3, 2018.

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From that viral video which gained millions of views, went viral, and launched his career in politics, Mark Robinson has been on the minds of millions of North Carolinians.

Outside of the optics of being the first black Lt. Governer of North Carolina, and the imposing stature the man has in the physical world, Mark Robinson established a task force on political indoctrination in public school classrooms known as F.A.C.T.S., standing for Fairness and Accountability in the Classroom for Teachers and Students. The task force’s first report documented over 500 submissions from parents across the state.

In addition, Mark has also stood with with Asians Suing Harvard For Discrimination At Supreme Court.

His speech at the NRA 2022 convention was a great example of Mark Robinson at his prime.

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Contenders for Governor in 2024

Mark Robinson isn’t the only big name to run for Governor in 2024. Josh Stein (Democrat), who is the attorney general of North Carolina has also become a candidate.

Current Treasurer of NC, former Asst Secretary of the NC Department of Commerce and Republican Speaker Pro Tem of the NC House Dale Folwell (Republican) is also running for 2024 Governor.

Other contenders that have made the rumor mill to potentially run for Governor in 2024 are Thom Tillis and Mark Walker.

Roadmap to 2024

With these other big names in the space will Mark Robinson have the support to become the primary winner and the Republican backed candidate?

Mark Robinson started his career of as one of us, the working class everyday American but has he been slowly co-opted by the glamor, big money of politics, and bad council?

In May of 2022 candidate for Pender County commissioner Jimmy Tate claimed to have been endorsed by Robinson.

We where not able to confirm that Mark Robinson did in fact endorse Jimmy Tate but you can read our investigative discovery on Jimmy Tate and why that was a really bad idea if Mark Robinson did in fact endorse him.

Mark Robinson has also lost a lot of his luster with the grassroots and everyday joe voters in North Carolina due to the direction his staffers have taken the Lt. Governor. He doesn’t seem to be speaking out major issues that effect conservatives and liberty lovers. When was the last time that you heard Mark Robinson speak out about the Vaccines, 2A, the 2020 summer of love (Antifa Riots) and has softened his message against Homosexuals and the LGBT agenda.

Mark Robinson doesn’t seem to want to fight for us the same way he did in 2020 and this has made many grassroots patriots and voters very nervous.

With his official campaign launch next month it would be a really good time for Mark Robinson to return to his political roots and reclaim the title of the peoples champion.

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