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Video: Audrey (Aiden) Hale smoked and the rise of Christian targeting by Trans (Graphic)

Time will tell how we handle mental disorders and firearms, but it is time to turn up the heat and burn the fat that has accumulated on the underbelly of this country.



5 minutes

On Monday morning Audrey (Aiden) Hale, who was a transgender male, directly targeted and killed 6 christian individuals at Covenant School in Nashville, TN.

The six murdered include:

  • Evelyn Dieckhaus (Age 9)
  • Hallie Scruggs (Age 9)
  • William Kinney (Age 9)
  • Katherine Koonce (Staffer age 60)
  • Cynthia Peak (Staffer age 61)
  • Mike Hill (Staffer age 61)

Chief Drake of the Metro Nashville PD said the following, “We have a manifesto, we have a booklet, that shows the exactly what she had planned to do.”

“We have maps that show the entry point into the school, the weapons that were going to be used, the clothing that she was gonna wear, and she had drawn it up, almost like a cartoon character. It was exactly what she had on during this incident.”

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The rise of Hate towards Christians by Trans and the LGBTQ etc. crowd

We are waiting to see the manifesto, but it is presumed that Hale directly targeted the school because of prior interactions with the school and it’s staff when she attended it prior to the shooting.

The rise of direct, targeted attacks on Christians by the trans community is on the rise and is the main reason that gun violence is occurring. Having a gender dysphoria is a mental illness according to the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition, Text Revision (DSM-5-TR™). DSM-5 302.85 (F64.9)

While the woke mob, communists, and leftists are blaming this targeted execution of Christians on access to guns I am starting to side with them. The trope is that we need stricter backgrounds checks and red flag laws to limit potential criminals from getting guns and we need to ban “assault” (not a real term) weapons; maybe it is time to agree with them and give them what they ask for.

We need to register trans people and Red Flag all current trans people

If the left wants to play dumb games they can win stupid prizes. We should require on the ATF Form 4, when you buy a weapon, that there is a box that stipulates if you identify as a trans person. The ATF should be directed to also reach into medical records and find out if the person buying a weapon has been diagnosed or treated for DSM-5 302.85 (F64.9) If so they are flagged and not allowed to purchase a firearm.

Now, I know what you thinking…Isn’t this a bad idea? Won’t this open up the left to start doing this arbitrarily to conservatives, MAGA lovers, Republicans, etc? YES, yes it will. That is the point. The ATF shouldn’t exist, and since it is being weaponized against conservatives, let’s turn the tables and see how the cards fall. The radical left has already passed sweeping Red Flag laws that allow states to target Veterans and anyone with PTS/PTSD so the line in the sand has already been drawn and the rubicon crossed.

Let’s prevent Trans from getting their hands on weapons and red flag them once they do

Here are some examples of the “love” that the trans supporting movement has for conservatives.

“Proud” to threaten Cis and Christians

It’s weird how, because of the age of these shooters, most have grown up in the digital information age and post EVERYTHING that comes to mind. Meaning, these individuals don’t understand that everything they post and do is on the internet forever and will be used against them. They post videos like the one above where they showcase their firearms and post picture’s of shirts that read “trans rights or else…”. This is great for intel collecting and gathering and it helps all citizens because if we can red flag trans we have an entire digital collection of evidence against them. They openly call for violence and death against anyone who dares to oppose their mental illness and they are proud of it. It might just be time to take that pride and use it against them.

What to expect in the future

A “mass shooting” is an event in which one or more individuals actively engage in killing or attempting to kill people in a populated area with the use of a firearm. The FBI has not set a minimum number of casualties to qualify an event as a mass shooting, but U.S. statute (the Violence Against Women Act) defines it as any incident in which at least four people are murdered with a gun.

As long as the mentally ill have access to firearms, which Audrey Hale purchased all her guns legally, Christians are not safe.

Images: NYPOST

This is because of the direct hate towards Christians who hold the view that Gender dysphoria is a mental illness and is not aligned with the biblical principles set forth by God. Opposing Trans opens the door to violence and murder of the body of Christ by the trans community and is seen as a viable option to remove the “oppressors”.

Audrey Hale conducted basic reconnaissance, did the civilian version of the 5 paragraph order for the operation, story boarded and sandboxed it as well. Time will tell how we handle mental disorders and firearms, but it is time to turn up the heat and burn the fat that has accumulated on the underbelly of this country.

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