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Small businesses and contract workers are putting pressure on Joe Biden’s selection for Labor Secretary, whom they describe as a ‘nightmare’ for employers.




A campaign against President Biden’s nomination of Julie Su to take on the role of Labor Secretary has been launched nationwide by small business owners, contract workers, freelancers and franchisees. The “Stand Against Su” was founded on Monday in anticipation of the Senate taking up her prospects to be formally elected to the position. This push features a hefty ad budget targeting states with vulnerable Democratic senators up for re-election in 2024. Julie Su’s opponents point out that when she was the head of the main labor office in California, she was in favor of making stricter work regulations which makes her disliked by both employers and employees. In a joint letter which they are enlisting to try to stop her nomination, they say bluntly, “Julie Su is unfriendly toward staff.” Putting her in the role of Secretary of Labor would be detrimental to small businesses and result in the loss of jobs for many hard-working Americans. This new campaign will specifically target states such as Arizona, Maine, Montana, and West Virginia with billboard ads. This is being done as the moderates in these states, who are up for re-election next year, have the power to prevent the Senate vote in favor of Su’s nomination. Su was previously the Labor Secretary Nominee of Biden and a Cabinet Member under Newsom, during which she was in control of billions of dollars lost in unemployment fraud. A person who is well-acquainted with the campaign informed Fox News Digital of the financial aspect, “To date, it has cost up to one hundred thousand dollars and will continue to rise.”. Republican Senators have already managed to stop two of President Biden’s choices for positions in his administration with assistance from centrist Democrats, hoping they can do the same with Su. A few hours after a Senator had voiced their opposition, Gigi Sohn, the person Biden had nominated for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), ended their pursuit of the position. Joe Manchin, a Democrat from West Virginia. Virginia released a report criticizing her past liberal stances. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) choice Phillip Washington also withdrew his candidacy after the Senator did.


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