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Congressional lawmakers criticize the Biden administration for proposing to allocate funds to pro-abortion organizations.




Lawmakers in Congress criticized the Biden Administration’s usage of the Tri-Agencies’ regulations to make a reserve for abortion suppliers such as Planned Parenthood. The Education and Workforce Committee placed a notice to HHS head Xavier Becerra, Treasury director Janet Yellen and Department of Labor acting head Julie A. Su, opposing rules aiming to remove an exception to contraceptive coverage services for groups and firms that have a moral resistance to these services. The rules also made a program, without congressional approval, that allows women enrolled under objecting entities to obtain contraceptive services without any expense. A pro-life advocate expressed disapproval at a violent left-wing demonstration at a Virginia university, commenting that “they knew that they had the power to cause chaos.” Under the plan, contraceptive services providers may be able to obtain reimbursement from qualified health plans, and exchange fees may be lowered if the agreement is accepted. Congress has questioned the Obama Administration’s accommodation process from 2013, as it stated that exchange fees could only be used to manage the exchange. The Department of Health and Human Services has proposed that contraceptive providers in states that don’t allow for state or federally facilitated exchange fees can seek reimbursement from issuers in states that do. Planned Parenthood has taken legal action against the Missouri Attorney General for investigating their transition procedures. In the letter signed by Representatives Virginia Foxx and Bob Good, they explain that the fee imposed in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) cannot be used to pay for any health care services. Nevertheless, nothing is stopping the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) from increasing the fee in the future in order to cover the costs of contraceptive services. The letter referred to this as the Tri-Agencies using the ACA user fees as a “slush fund.” This decision would create a risky situation that would allow for these fees to finance basically any kind of health service. The committee expressed their objection to the suggested regulation that would grant free contraceptives to people in employee-sponsored plans. They underscored that if Congress found this plan to be necessary, proper supervision and liability would have already been mandated. This comes after a pro-abortion group from Missouri took Aktion against the post-Roe prohibition. The new regulations allocate monies to organizations such as Planned Parenthood, and the committee believes that the new regulations contravene the religious freedoms of US citizens. A statement from Planned Parenthood was not instantly issued in response to requests for comment. The letter conveyed, “We disagree with the Tri-Agencies’ elimination of exemptions for those who express moral objection to the contraceptive coverage requisites.” The regulations put forward blatantly break existing legislation and disregard the rights of US citizens. They develop an unauthorized program using money from a non-specific fund formed by Obamacare which furthers the extremist plans of those in favor of abortion. This action disregards both constitutional and spiritual freedoms.


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