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North Carolina needs to ban edible vaccines from our Agriculture and Meat (Petition)



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Now that the Covid-19 pandemic is officially over, per Biden not vetoing H.J. Res 7, it is time to get ahead of the next steps of control that will be used to coerce people into taking up vaccines via our food.

Edible vaccines are subunit vaccines where the selected genes are introduced into the plants and the transgenic plant is then induced to manufacture the encoded protein. Foods under such application include potato, banana, lettuce, corn, soybean, rice, and legumes. 1

Edible vaccines have been around for a while. A company called Edible Vaccines, Inc. holds at least two patents on the subject. Patent 5612487 and 5484719. 2 This is also in addition to the mRNA vaccines offered by Merk called Sequivity. 3

Operation Mocking Bird Lies

The media and many associations have recently come forward saying that there is no mRNA vaccines being used in meat production. This is propaganda being pushed by the mainstream ZOG machines and media liars.

Here is a video from at the time (2018) Joe Roder who was the head of Merck Animal Health announcing mRNA vaccines back in 2018 called Sequivity.

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This is in direct conflict with all the media that is being pushed to silence this type of technology and our ability to prevent the mass vaccination of humans by what we consume.

Pass bills to prevent this type of nonsense

Humans must have the ability to consent to vaccines. “Medicine” that is being forced onto us via the food we consume must come with a disclaimer and must be opted into. We need labels on our food that require disclosure of not just GMO but also lists the vaccines used in the food supply chain.

Missouri, along with many other states, have put forth bills to stop mRNA and add labeling requirements for meats and produce. NC must follow suite. North Carolina ranks within the top 5 pork producing states as well as pork raising states.4 We also rank within the top for 10 states for farm production. 5

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