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NC Senate Passes Abortion Bill



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The North Carolina Senate passed SB 20 today. Read the bill here. 

One more step towards abolition. Making laws that allow child murder and sacrifice at 12 weeks is not enough, but it is a legalistic start. 

What is in Senate Bill 20?

The bill would restrict abortions after the first trimester, with some exceptions. It introduces new safety standards at abortion clinics and requires additional informed consent requirements. It also contains $160 million in state funds for programs including childcare, birth control, changes to adoption and foster care processes, and extends family leave for state employees.

Eugenics (abortions based on sex, race or Down syndrome) are banned in the bill by reintroducing the Human Life Nondiscrimination Act vetoed by Governor Cooper in 2021. The bill prohibits abortions based on sex of the child or the diagnosis of Down syndrome. Mail-order chemical abortions will be continued to be banned in the state and the bill creates a new fine of $5,000 per advertising violation. The bill also codifies the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act vetoed by Governor Cooper in 2019 and offers protection to babies born as a result of a botched abortion.

Governor Cooper

Governor Roy Cooper has stated via a press release and on twitter May 3rd that he plans on vetoing it. 

Now is a good time to contact the Governor of NC and let him know what you think! Use our quick 1 button emailer below to send off a pre-written email to him. 

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