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Did UNC Medical cover up transitioning minors?



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Did UNC Medical cover up the fact that they helped or are helping transitioning minors as young as 3? 

Well, it seems like they did. In the tweet above UNC Public Health says, “They do not offer medical procedures such as gender-affirming surgeries or hormone treatment to toddlers.” 

This is in direct conflict with the rules they outline within the intact PDF they use.

Within the PDF it states that they provide evaluations that are required to start Hormone Therapy. While UNC might not distribute the medicine themselves (which we can’t prove but speculate) but we can prove they will evaluate and provide the recommendation to start hormones. They do state, “Letters for Surgery (18+)” which is evidence that they won’t cut off anything on minors which is good. They also took down the web page about this issue. You can visit it here. 

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