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What are the 7 spirits of God?



Karlskirche (St. Charles's Church). Dome fresco by Johann Michael Rottmayr. God.

The term “the spirits of God” appears several times in the Bible, especially in the book of Revelation. It refers to the different aspects or attributes of the Holy Spirit, who is one of the three persons of the Trinity. The Holy Spirit is also called “the Spirit of the Lord” and he empowers, guides, and teaches God’s people. 

According to some interpretations, there are seven spirits of God, based on Isaiah 11:2-3 and Revelation 1:4. These are: 

– The Spirit of wisdom: He gives us the ability to discern what is true, right, and lasting. He helps us to apply God’s word to our lives and make wise decisions. 

– The Spirit of understanding: He helps us to comprehend God’s will and his ways. He enables us to grasp the meaning and significance of God’s revelation and his works. 

– The Spirit of counsel: He advises us and directs us in our choices and actions. He shows us the best course of action and warns us of potential dangers. 

– The Spirit of might: He strengthens us and gives us courage to face challenges and overcome obstacles. He equips us with power and authority to do God’s work and resist evil. 

– The Spirit of knowledge: He informs us and enlightens us about God’s truth and his creation. He reveals to us the mysteries and secrets of God’s kingdom and his plan. 

– The Spirit of the fear of the Lord: He instills in us a reverence and awe for God’s holiness and majesty. He causes us to worship God with humility and obedience and to avoid sinning against him. 

– The Spirit of the delight in the fear of the Lord: He fills us with joy and peace as we delight in God’s presence and his commands. He makes us glad to serve God and please him in all that we do. 

These seven spirits of God are not separate entities or beings, but different expressions or manifestations of the same Holy Spirit. They show us the richness and diversity of God’s character and his grace. They also remind us that we need the Holy Spirit in every aspect of our lives, as he is our helper, comforter, teacher, and guide. 

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