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Rep. McNeely & Kidwell resign leadership positions



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Two Republican members of the North Carolina House have resigned their leadership positions within their caucus in a weak move that was pushed by the House Republican Caucus. 

Both Reps. Jeff McNeely and Keith Kidwell held deputy whip positions in the House Republican Caucus, and both made comments last week that offended the left.

During a House floor debate over private school scholarships, McNeely, who is white, asked Rep. Abe Jones, who is Black, if he got into Harvard University because he was a minority or an athlete. McNeely was hinting at affirmative action and how that has already been proven to promote blacks over other ethnicities. 

Kidwell was heard by a WRAL reporter talking about the “church of Satan” in commenting on a speech by Democratic Rep. Diamond Staton-Williams about her faith during the abortion debate. Which is a completely accurate statement btw. 

Republican House Majority Leader John Bell announced the resignations during a non-voting House session on Thursday morning.

Neither lawmaker is resigning from the legislature. House Republican Caucus Director Stephen Wiley said the decision for their resignations happened Tuesday or Wednesday.

Asked to confirm if McNeely and Kidwell lost their positions because of what they said last week, Wiley said:

“I mean I think it’s pretty apparent, that’s why.”

In a statement, Bell noted the announcement on the floor and said: “As elected officials, we must serve by example and be accountable for our actions, especially as leaders in the caucus.”

“While apologies have been made and accepted, we believe this is an appropriate action and step forward. The House Republican Caucus remains united as we work towards our shared goals this legislative session,” Bell said.

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