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FAFO: Jim White V. We The People



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If by now you don’t know that an arsonist (allegedly) named Jim White took the time during his bike ride in Raleigh North Carolina to burn John Kane’s Trump sign, here are a couple of tweets to fill you in.

While the hatred of Donald Trump grows stronger in cities like Raleigh there are citizens who are taking a stand against this type of behavior. John Kane, the victim of this crime has filed a complaint against Mr. White.

§ 136-32.  Regulation of signs.

North Carolina has laws on the books in regard to this type of behavior.

(e)        Penalties for Unlawful Removal of Signs. –  It is a Class 3 misdemeanor for a person to steal, deface, vandalize, or unlawfully remove a political sign that is lawfully placed under this section.

NC 136-32

§ 14-66. Burning of personal property.

If any person shall wantonly and willfully set fire to or burn, or cause to be burned, or aid,
counsel or procure the burning of any goods, wares, merchandise or other chattels or personal
property of any kind, in any place other than a commercial structure as defined in G.S. 14-62.3,
whether or not the same shall at the time be insured by any person or corporation against loss or damage by fire, with intent to injure or prejudice the insurer, the creditor or the person owning the property, or any other person, whether the property is that of such person or another, he shall be punished as a Class H felon.

NC Cp. 14 Art 15

It seems that Mr. White has Fucked Around and will now soon find out what his prejudices and actions will cost him.

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