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Tom Murry paves the way for a stronger North Carolina: Changes Candidacy to NC Court of Appeals



Tom Murry, a Republican candidate for North Carolina attorney general, has made the surprising decision to run for a seat on the North Carolina Court of Appeals instead. Murry announced this decision at the Salt & Life Conference and on his social media accounts, stating that he believes he can make a greater impact for North Carolina in a different capacity.

This unexpected and honorable move has left current Republican Congressman Dan Bishop running unopposed in the Republican primary for attorney general. Murry introduced and pledged his support for Bishop at the NC Faith & Freedom Salt & Light Conference, emphasizing party unity and the importance of electing strong conservative leaders.

Impact of Tom Murry’s Decision

Tom Murry’s decision to withdraw from the race for attorney general and run for the North Carolina Court of Appeals has significant implications for the Republican primary. With Murry graciously stepping out of the race, Congressman Dan Bishop now runs unopposed in the primary. This gives Bishop a clear path to becoming the Republican nominee for attorney general.

Murry publicly endorsed Bishop at the NC Faith & Freedom Salt & Light Conference, highlighting his commitment to supporting conservative values and the rule of law. By stepping aside and throwing his support behind Bishop, Murry has shown a dedication to party unity and the importance of electing strong conservative leaders.

Background and Experience

Tom Murry brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record of fighting for important causes to his campaign. With a background as a state prosecutor, Army JAG officer, and former legislator, Murry has demonstrated his commitment to upholding the rule of law and serving his community.

Not only has Murry served in the North Carolina Army National Guard, but he also deployed to the Middle East in 2017-2018, further exemplifying his dedication to public service. Prior to his military service, Murry served as an at-large member of the Morrisville Town Council and later as a member of the North Carolina House of Representatives.

Accomplishments and Initiatives

During his time in the legislature, Tom Murry championed several important initiatives. He advocated for voter ID and sponsored a regulatory reform bill, demonstrating his commitment to fair elections and reducing unnecessary bureaucracy. These initiatives showcase Murry’s ability to address pressing issues and work towards practical solutions.

Current Role at the Regent University School of Law

In addition to his political career, Tom Murry is an adjunct teacher at the Regent University School of Law. This role allows him to share his legal expertise and mentor future lawyers, further exemplifying his commitment to the legal profession and educating the next generation of legal professionals.


Tom Murry chose to announce his decision to run for a seat on the North Carolina Court of Appeals while at the Salt & Life Conference in North Carolina then followed up through his social media accounts. This modern approach to communication demonstrates Murry’s ability to effectively leverage technology to reach a wide audience and disseminate important information about his campaign.

Stance on Voter ID and Regulatory Reforms

Murry has consistently expressed his support for voter ID and sponsored a regulatory reform bill during his time in the legislature. He believes that voter ID is crucial for ensuring the integrity of elections and preventing voter fraud. Additionally, Murry recognizes the need to streamline regulations and reduce unnecessary burdens on businesses and individuals.

Tom Murry’s Judicial Philosophy

Tom believes in the original meaning of the Constitution and that the plain meaning of words should guide Constitutional and statutory interpretation. As a former legislator, Tom understands the separation of powers and believes in judicial restraint. He understands how laws are made and as a State prosecutor, he understands how laws are executed in the courtroom. The Judiciary is an independent branch of government, and other branches of government are responsible for policy-making and carrying out laws. Visit his website at

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