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Greetings Patriots,

We wanted to provide a brief introduction to The Federalist Press and why we felt the need to create such a news aggregator and book publisher now.

The Federalist Press was established to help conservatives within North Carolina find news, content, and aggregated information about conservative issues within the state. We strive to provide the highest level of conservative content from the Federalist Press as well as share premium conservative content from a vast array of contributors.

Our mission is:

To invoke patriotic ideologies, enact America first policies, focus on North Carolina conservative news and information and to preserve the Republic.

The Federalist Press, Locke & Key Society

The Federalist Press Essays Project

The Federalist Press has begun the process of resurrecting the Federal papers. Our hope is to allow various authors, thought leaders, and contributors to craft a newly numbered Federal Paper in an effort to promote civil discourse and positive dialogue while protecting the writer with the pen name of PUBLIUS. This pen name was used by many of our founding fathers during the writing of the original 85 papers to help promote the idea of creating the Federal government or the detraction of staying as independent states. By removing the reader’s knowledge of the author we can address the merit of the argument rather than inject a bias. We have started this project with the creation of the 86th Federal paper entitled: Tech Tyrants. We are looking for more authors to continue the project along. If you would like to contribute please email us below.

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