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The Federalist Press is proud to partner with and promotes these North Carolina-based conservative content creators and contributors. Please learn more about each organization or individual and subscribe to their channels to stay up to date with conservative issues within North Carolina.

TFP Contributors

The Narrative Assassin: Hussein Hill

A channel for American nationalists, free thinkers, outsiders, and everyone who hates the cultural elites. For journalism that covers national as well as North Carolina culture and politics, please support The Federalist Press. Support my work via a subscription on SubscribeStar. Check out free, full-length episodes on Bitchute and Rumble.

M.R. Dula

M.R. Dula spent five years in the United States Marine Corps as an infantry mortarman with two combat tours. He spent 4 years as a cannabis entrepreneur founding one of North Carolina’s first hemp dispensaries. He also was the strategic initiative director for the Trump Victory in North Carolina in 2020. He is the owner and founder of The Federalist Press.


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